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Dry Cleaning
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What is Dry Cleaning?  "Dry" cleaning uses a non-water solvent to clean the clothes.  We use an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, Biodegradable solvent in a new and efficient Union dry cleaning machine.

"Organic" and "environmentally friendly" are NOT the same.  For example, arsenic and lead are organic.  Your dry cleaner will know the difference, a drop-store may not.

Business attire, formal wear, synthetic fabrics and silks respond well to dry cleaning, as well as clothes with grease or oil stains.  Many items that have been dry cleaned over the years maintain their shape and color longer as opposed to being laundered.  We try to follow care labels whenever possible.  While its possible to request "clean only" or "press only," its standard practice to clean and press items unless specifically requested.  "Clean only" or "press only" requests are charged 75% of the standard full service rate.

Stain Removal: Depending on the stain, we also use commercial grade, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY stain removers based on the specific stain.  If you know specifically what kind of stain it is, let your dry cleaner know so they have a better chance of getting the stain out the first time.  At home stain remedies may work but be aware that if they don't remove the stain, the greater the chance that remedy will set the stain in.  If the stain remains, do not put it in the dryer.  You can still bring it in to a dry cleaner, just let your cleaner know what you used.

Not just attire, but we dry clean or launder many Household Items including comforters and drapes.  Not sure, just ask.

Elwood Star CleanersServicesContact UsContinuing the tradition